Who we are and what we do

Sommerhoff is a preferred partner of renowned quality brand manufacturers. With our vast experience, passion and dedication for our partners' brand reputation and sales success, we perform as sales partners from the retail level to the wholesale or distribution level. For international brand manufacturers, we generally operate as an importer with distribution exclusivity and as brand representatives. For our domestic brand partners, we mostly perform exclusively as their distributor and assume reputation management functions.

Today, the importance of online brand reputation is a significant consideration for manufacturers. Highly competitive online pricing with resulting price wars can quickly put your brand reputation at risk. Significant damage to your brand value and image can also be caused by an inappropriate presentation of your products and poor pricing by inexperienced online salespeople. With integrated sales and distribution concepts, as well as congruent brand management strategies, Sommerhoff achieves sustainable value appreciation for its brand partners who are committed to the best quality and price stability.
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Relying upon our competence, our earnings derive exclusively from our own sales activities. Therefore, no costs arise for our brand partners! Based on this partnership concept, we guarantee you, as a manufacturer of quality branded consumer goods, a professional product placement in accordance with your pricing policy and brand image. Thus, as a quality-focused manufacturer, you can concentrate fully on your core competence: Producing first class quality products.

Quality trade – trade with quality

We understand our commitment to "Quality trade – trade with quality" as a two way mission:

Premium quality goods

We sell, import, and produce exclusively premium quality goods focussed on sustainability, long life circles, and functional quality.

High-quality partnerships

We build our long-term partnerships with the branded goods' manufacturers with the same commitment to quality. Depending on the nature of the partnership, we can serve any step of the value chain from retail to exclusive distribution. According to your specifications, we handle one, several, or all aspects of brand positioning, such as brand strategy development, brand management, operational reputation management or determination of an appropriate pricing strategy.

We assume full responsibility for the brand reputation of the brands our partners entrust to us. This is one of the reasons why we implement separate online B2B and B2C sales platforms for each brand, which are positioned with the corresponding brand image.

Due to the extensive brand responsibility we assume, an individual and cooperative relationship often arises with our manufacturing partners and brand owners. In many cases, we even advise our partners concerning product development, assessment of market opportunities, realization of innovations, etc. Thus, the outcome of this close collaboration is a high quality business relationship from which both sides will benefit.