Rika Nozzle 360° Cartridge nozzle and fitting accessories

rotatable cartridge nozzleRika Nozzle 360° - rotatable cartridge nozzle

Our flexible Rika Nozzle for cartridges can be rotated 360°. The dynamic and flexible nozzle makes the grouting with silicone and other sealants for hard to reach places easily.

Rika Nozzle 360° from Sommerhoff fits to all commercially available standard cartridge for dispensing guns and the bag adapter can also be used for all sealants in the commercially 600 ml bags.

Rika Nozzle closing cap

The rotatable cartridge nozzle is always supplied with a closing cap. The cap prevents drying of the sealant.

Rika Nozzle Extension for the rotatable cartridge nozzle

With the Rika Nozzle Extension the rotatable cartridge nozzle can be extended indefinitely. The extension fits both standard cartridges for dispensing guns as well as to the adapter for 600 ml sausages.

The extension for cartridge nozzles makes it possible to reach deep hidden places that are otherwise impossible or very difficult to reach and therefore cannot be sealed exactly. Examples of these are the areas behind the toilet, bottlenecks in pipes, deep seams, joints under heaters, areas under the washstand or behind water outlets, in wall-juts, in floor drains and many more problem areas of the site.

Rika Nozzle Adapter for 600 ml standard for 600 ml sausages

The Rika Nozzle Adapter makes the rotatable cartridge tip usable for all bag dispensing guns. Also the extensions can be used then for sausages.